Our Email Marketing Services

At SEO Service Provider, we strive to provide a one stop solution for all of your email marketing needs. We can act as your organization’s full-time email marketing manager, you’ll have a team of email marketing professionals ready to help you. If you prefer to do-it-yourself, with our email marketing software you can reach out and communicate with your customers/clients using an easy, affordable and effective platform.
Let’s check out how our customized email marketing services are right for your organization.

Email marketing

Outsource Email Marketing

>In modern economy, contracting out of your email marketing activities to professional email marketing agency has became popular for busy companies.
>We offer full-service outsource email marketing services focused on results of your email campaigns.
Each customer receives a dedicated account manager who will assist you to ensure your email marketing campaigns always achieve optimum results.
>As an experienced email marketing firm together with our expertise and industry knowledge, we can provide ideas that will improve your email campaign.
>We provide email broadcasting services using high speed email server, with detailed report: delivery statistics, open rate, no. of unsubscribes, no. of clicks, etc…

Self-Manage Email Marketing

>We provide do-it-yourself email marketing software to help you manage your email marketing campaign anytime, anywhere you want.
>This is a web-based email marketing software, this allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletter, deliver personalized emails to your target audiences through mailing lists and improve your business by boosting your e-mail advertising and communication.
>Reports and statistics is automatically generated on each email marketing campaign including views, opens, clicks on each links, bounce rate, etc…
>Our email marketing software is easy for organizations of all sizes to create, send and track professional email marketing campaigns that give you an extra edge.
Basic features:
>unlimited mail lists and members
>add custom fields to collect additional member data
>personalization in emails
>import and export members’ names and emails from CSV, TXT file
>track campaign statistics in a chart
>track reads, link clicks, bounce back
>automatic bounce tracking and handling
>integrating subscription / unsubscription forms into your website
>schedule a campaign to be sent out in future at a specific time

Enterprise Email Marketing Solution

>Enterprise Email Marketing Solution is suitable for organizations in need of a efficient and strong mass email sending solution to hundreds of thousands or even millions of emails.
>Sending heavily? Or looking for email marketing platform setup in your corporate datacenter? Choose our >Enterprise Email Marketing Solution (Unlimited Sending Solution). Unlike typical email marketing services, the Enterprise Email Marketing Solution allows unlimited email sending without restrictions with unlimited mail lists storage. It is made possible to setup our email marketing application on a dedicated IP address and dedicated bandwidth. This will involve setting up your very own email marketing server with a >Dedicated IP, Authentication (SPF & DKIM), Reverse DNS pointed to your server’s hostname.
>What you are getting from each email marketing server?
Dedicated email server
RAM: 8 to 64 GB
Network: 1 x 1 Gbps
Number of IP: 5 IP per SMTP

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