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What’s an email address?

Email address is a box where emails will get delivered according to a specific protocol. There were many different formats for an email address in the past, but it became unified at some point.

Now, the format is the “[email protected]”.

The email address standard format

You need 3 main parts to have an acceptable email addresss:

  • a local part: for example the ‘John.Doe’ in ‘[email protected]
  • the ‘@’ symbol coming right after the local part
  • the domain part: for example the ‘gmail.com’ in ‘[email protected]

The local part

That’s the one that’s usually set by the user. That part has some syntactical restrictions that you cannot avoid when you create an email address.

  • you can use uppercase & lowercase letters: for example ‘j’ or ‘J’
  • you can use digits from 0 to 9
  • depending on one’s your mailing provider, you may or may not use special characters. Basically, the whole: ! # $ % & ‘ * + – / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~
  • you can use a dot, but it cannot be at the beginning nor at the end of the local part

Understanding how the local part works is primordial, because that’s how you will be able to guess someone’s email. You’ll be able to perform permutations using all the possible combinations of allowed syntax.

The ‘@’ part

Ok, that part is pretty straightforward. There is not much to be said about it. The mail must have an ‘@’ symbol between the local part and the domain name.

For example, in ‘[email protected]’, the ‘@’ symbol separates ‘John.Doe’ and ‘gmail.com’.

It’s however useful whenever you want to automate stuff (which we won’t learn in this course), because you can write a sleak program that’s filter stuff that’s before the ‘@’ and after the ‘@’ very efficiently.

The domain part

The domain part has to conform to the requirements of a ‘hostname’.

It has some specific syntax as well:

  • it may have uppercase & lowercase letters
  • it can have numbers from 0 to 9 supposing it’s not just numbers
  • it can have an hyphen (-) is not the first or the last character

If you want to remember this syntax, just keep in mind LDH, which stands for letters, digits and hyphens.

A couple of possible examples:

  • ……@gmail.com
  • ……@1gmail.com
  • ……@1gmail9.com
  • ……@1-gMa-iL-9.com etc

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